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St. Michael's School, Maihar
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Features Ideals

St. Michael's School is designed for depicting its spirit and personality by certain emblems and mottos that are displayed in the following order :-

  • School Standard
  • Flag
  • Shield


St. Michael's School has the privilage of maintaining the School Standard in the form of a white Dove, the International peace emblem, and expressing its motto-"Truth prevails" as a tribute to God for his wisdom.


The school flag has a white background and bears six circles. The outer circle has the name of the school. The five inner circles represent the five Houses of the school and displays its colours of red, white, blue, yellow and brown.


In the centre of the circles, is the school shield. It holds the helmet, two defence swords and scales-that manifests righteous judgement. The broad ribbon of green holds the motto of the school.

"Obedience Leads to Conquest-March on"

It reveals that "Truth prevails" and obedience to Truth will lead them to a moral victory, so take heed of it and "March on". Students of this institution are expected to honour the school Flag that flies so high for them, with its ideals.