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School Conveyance

If the School conveyance is availed the conveyance fees must be deposited in 3 installments along with the school fees in the office and if for what soever reason, the conveyance is not utilized by the student, no refund is payable. Any student requiring the school conveyance is requested to apply for it on the prescribed form.

Charges for the conveyance will be paid in advance if a student is to withdraw from the school conveyance, a month's notice must be given in writing.

Students using the school bus will be well behaved and maintain the principles of good conduct. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who disobey.

Drivers & Conductors of the school buses are committed for maintaining safety and security of our students, while they are in the bus, and as such, should not be disturbed in their duties.

As per rules, if the school fees of the student is submitted by drivers and conductors, it will not be accepted by the office Accountants. Parents/Guardians are requested to directly contact the school office for depositing dues or forwarding any complaint, if any. Students' already using the school bus and requiring the conveyance in the new session that follows, are requested to submit an application to the office with particulars of name residence etc, alongwith the annual fees that is deposited in the month of April for the new session.